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The New CO2 Solution: Bury It in the Ocean

WED, 16 JUL, 2008

Climate change has replaced recycling as THE environmental cause du jour, with the phrase being on everyone's lips.

MicroFueller promises to ease dependence on foreign oil from comfort of your own home

FRI, 9 MAY, 2008

Tired of paying through the nose for fuel? Sick of having to hang onto shopping receipts just to save a measly four cents a litre on petrol? The n...

World car fleet expected to reach 1.25 billion by 2015

FRI, 18 JAN, 2008

Environmental concerns spark all variety of debate and the hottest topic at the moment is Global Warming and CO2 emissions.

Toyota test plug-in Prius

THU, 26 JUL, 2007

Toyota have just announced via a press release that it has created a prototype ‘’plug-in” Prius and that a bunch of them have hit the streets...

HSV E-Series

TUE, 24 APR, 2007

Holden Special Vehicles – Range in summary   HSV released their E-Series range of Holden Commodore based performance cars in 2006.