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Ford Plug-In Hybrids To Arrive In 2010

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

Ford has announced it is another step closer to production of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

UK Government Plans Incentives For Electric Vehicle Buyers

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

To give a leg-up to the green car industry, the UK government is proposing financial incentives for buyers of new electric and plug-in hybrid vehi...

Renault Electric Future With Battery Pack Lease Option

SUN, 8 MAR, 2009

Renault is about to join the electric revolution in a big way.

Majority Of Ford Models To Be Electric Within The Next Decade

FRI, 6 MAR, 2009

With electric vehicles capturing the hearts and minds of greenies and frugalists everywhere, Ford CEO Alan Mullaly has declared that the majority ...