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Ford Considering Reducing Its Option List

FRI, 24 OCT, 2008

For years now, car companies have looked at the options list as the place to bolster the bottom line.

Ford CEO so impressed with FG Falcon - he wants one!

WED, 20 FEB, 2008

It seems the head honcho at Ford, Alan Mulally has a thing for our new FG Falcon.

Ford confirm three bidders remain for Jaguar and Landrover

WED, 14 NOV, 2007

Having decided to keep Volvo (at least for the time being), FoMoCo have announced that they have whittled the auction of the other two remaining P...

FoMoCo to sell Jaguar and Land Rover

TUE, 19 JUN, 2007

Two of the three remaining members of Ford’s Premium Automotive Group (PAG) have been officially placed in the showroom window.

Jaguar C-XF Concept - A new fat cat with four doors

SAT, 7 APR, 2007

It seems fitting after the Audi S5 article to write briefly about another beauty.