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Mugen Tunes UK-Market FN2 Honda Civic Type R

WED, 24 JUN, 2009

FOR MANY HONDA FANS, Mugen is the one company that's capable of extracting the best from Honda's hi-po models. Responsible for many factory-modifi...

2009 Melbourne Motor Show: FN2 Honda Civic Type R

SUN, 1 MAR, 2009

Sharing the stand with the Odyssey and Honda's Insight hybrid was the updated FN2 Civic Type R, which has received a number of small modification...

Honda Civic Type-R Three-Door Headed For Japan. Wait, What?

MON, 24 NOV, 2008

It’s always a little odd that some car makers sell certain models under their own badge in overseas markets, but not in their own.  Sure, i...



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