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Florida Man Caught Using Phone-Jamming Device While Driving

MON, 5 MAY, 2014

Florida resident Jason R.

Speed Trap Sees Florida City Declared Most Corrupt In America

WED, 19 MAR, 2014

The city of Hampton in Florida - population 477 - is fighting for its survival, after earning the title ‘most corrupt city in ...

Florida Fines Slow Drivers: Blueprint For Australia?

TUE, 2 JUL, 2013

It's nearly every motorist's bugbear: the slow driver who sticks doggedly to the right hand lane, ignoring a sea of frustrated drivers t...

Man Has Inflatable Threesome In Parked Car, Gets Arrested

TUE, 10 FEB, 2009

Here's a curly one for y'all.

Zastava Winds Down Production, Balkan Car Industry Sheds A Tear

MON, 24 NOV, 2008

Zastava's Serbian assembly plant has built its final Koral - also affectionately known as the Yugo - and has begun the sad task of powering down m...