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Ferrari Caught On Video Testing 2014 F1 V6 Engine In LaFerrari Mule?

THU, 5 DEC, 2013

An ‘odd-sounding’ Ferrari LaFerrari test mule has been filmed lapping the Italian carmaker’s famous Fiorano test circuit this week.

Michael Schumacher Jumps Behind The Wheel Of Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE

SAT, 13 JUN, 2009

WHAT HAPPENS when you put one of Ferrari’s hottest new models on the track with one of Ferrari’s legendary F1 drivers behind the wheel? Ferrar...

Ferrari Confirms Hybrid Development, First Model Due In 2015

FRI, 6 MAR, 2009

Break out the patchouli folks, Ferrari's developing a hybrid. With Ferrari's president Luca di Montezemolo pledging the brand will cut its fleet e...

Ferrari to get 'Ringside Presence in New Facility

MON, 25 AUG, 2008

Aside from being the world's most challenging racetrack and the venue for one of the most demanding 24-hour endurance races ever, the Nurburgring ...

Ferrari F40 vs Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano video

FRI, 28 MAR, 2008

Classic versus contemporary! We are not sure how you choose between these two Ferrari thoroughbreds.

Ferrari to embark on Magic India Discovery Tour

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

Following Ferrari’s successful expeditions through China and the Americas, proving that the legendary super car makers products can go just abou...

2007 a record breaking year for Ferrari

WED, 13 FEB, 2008

Ferrari has finished 2007 on a roll, reporting record breaking results that are unprecedented in the history of the marque.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Melbourne for the Motorshow

TUE, 12 FEB, 2008

We thought we were going to see it at the 2007 Sydney Motor Show but it was not to be, however we have today received confirmation that Ferra...

Novitec F430 v Ferrari Enzo at the strip

FRI, 28 DEC, 2007

The Ferrari F430 Scuderia is, its fair to say the darling of the Ferrari camp right now.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS rumours

WED, 12 DEC, 2007

Some interesting news bobbed up overnight with Autoweek claiming that Aston were in the process of making every school-boys dream a reality by dro...




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