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Northern Territory Open Speed Limits Scrapped By Incoming Labor Government

Despite what could only be described as a successful return to open speed limits in parts of the Northern Territory, the new NT government has decl...

One In Three Affected By Road Trauma, Won’t Alter Behaviour: Survey

One in three people in the US has been affected by road trauma, with a loved one either killed or seriously injured as the result of a collision.

AAMI Finds Majority Of Young Drivers Distracted, Launches App

Insurer AAMI has found the vast majority of young drivers report being distracted at some point while behind the wheel.

Victoria: New Plan To Tackle Rising Rural Road Toll

Victoria Police has launched a four-year plan aiming to tackle the over-representation of rural Victorians in road toll statistics.

Sensor-loaded Seatbelt May Save Fatigued Drivers: Video

Early July saw the unveiling of a clever new car seat capable of detecting its occupant’s heart rate, alertness levels and, through...

Freaky New Car Seat Knows When You’re Drowsy Or Unwell

New car-seat technology under development in the UK can detect a driver affected by fatigue through remotely monitoring their heart rate and o...

Steering Wheel A Better Way To Detect Drowsy Drivers: Video

Researchers at Washington State University (WSU) have developed a new ‘steering-input’ method to detect when drivers are dangerously fa...

Motorists Shunning Driver Reviver Stops

The RACQ has conducted a poll of long-distance drivers in an effort to gain a better understanding of how they make use of the state’s 34 des...

NT Govt Pushing For Expansion Of Open Speed Limit Trial

The Northern Territory Government is considering an expansion of its new open speed limit trial, launched late last year.

Steering Wheel Mounted Camera Developed To Battle Driver Distraction

A team of Swiss researchers has developed an in-car camera to detect angry or upset drivers, as the latest weapon to be used against driver-distrac...

Volvo Researching ‘Driver Sensors’: Cars Getting To Know You

Volvo has turned its attention to driver personalities in its constant pursuit of perfect road safety, announcing research into new ‘driver s...

Northern Territory Trialling Return To Open Speed Limits

The Northern Territory government has today announced a trial of open speed limits on a section of the Stuart Highway, with a view to a permanent r...

Workers Taking Sickies To Deal With (Traffic) Congestion: NRMA

A new study by the NRMA has found that traffic congestion problems are contributing to the number of sick days taken by employees.

New Study To Focus On Tired Mums Behind The Wheel: QUT

The Queensland University of Technology is calling on new mothers to take part in a study of driver fatigue across different segments.

Study Shows That Fatigue Comes On Easy And Early: QUT

New research has revealed that it doesn't take a three-hour drive on the freeway to succumb to fatigue: it can happen much, much sooner.

Motorists Ignoring Drowsy Drivers Message: Study

With the Easter long weekend on the horizon, tens of thousands of families are expected to hit the road.

Men More Likely To Ignore Fatigue On Long-Distance Drives, AAMI Research Shows

ACCORDING TO RESEARCH undertaken by Australian insurer AAMI, men are twice as likely as women to fall asleep at the wheel, drive four or more hour...