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Longer New 'Furious 7' Trailer Hits The Net: Video

Find three minutes, folks.

Just To Be Clear: More Fast & Furious Movies Coming, Studio Says

If you thought the passing of star Paul Walker in the middle of filming for the upcoming Furious 7 would spell an end to the Fast & Furious ser...

Fast & Furious 7: Memory Lane

A new teaser video for the upcoming new Fast & Furious film, ‘Furious 7’, invites fans to take a drive down memory lane.

Walker’s Death Caused By Speed, Modifications, Poor Maintenance: Police

Investigations into the horror crash that claimed the life of actor Paul Walker have determined that speed and poor maintenance, rather than techni...

Fast & Furious 7 To Revive Paul Walker With Doubles And Digital Tricks

The team behind the upcoming seventh installment in the Fast & Furious film franchise will reportedly use body doubles and computer animation t...

The Week That Was: Ford Mustang Revealed, Holden Departure Rumours

The wait is over; the covers have now been officially removed from the new 2014 Ford Mustang.

'Fast And Furious' Star Paul Walker Killed In California Car Crash

Actor Paul Walker, star of the hit cinema franchise 'The Fast & The Furious', was killed this weekend in a car crash that also too...

Film: Fast And Furious 6 Trailer Surfaces

The final preview trailer for the sixth chapter in the 'love to hate and hate to love' Fast & Furious series has landed online today...

Fast And Furious Six Confirmed For 2013 Debut

With generally positive reviews supporting the recent Fast Five ('Rio Heist' in Australia), a 2013 release for the next instalment in th...

Fast And Furious: Fast Five's First Full Trailer

It's the series we love to hate and hate to love. That it was coming was no secret; Universal Studios confirmed a 2011 debut back in Feb...

Fast And Furious 5, 'Fast Five', Confirmed For 2011 Release

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS has today announced the return of the Fast and Furious franchise for a fifth outing, coming to cinemas in 2011. Confirming comme...

The Fast And The Furious Franchise Back For Fifth And Sixth Instalments

THE FILM FRANCHISE you either love, hate, or love to hate - The Fast And The Furious - is coming back for two more instalments, according to one o...

Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R Replica Stolen

Certain thieves in the US city of Los Angeles might think they've won big, but they couldn't be further from the truth. One of the Nissan R34 Skyl...

F1: Mark Webber Furious After Bahrain Qualifying Mishap

They say a week is a long time in sport, and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of Australian Mark Webber. The Red Bull driver will sta...

Fast And Furious 5 Confirmed, Oh Gawd

Thanks to the ridiculous success of Fast And Furious, the fourth installment in what’s swiftly becoming the Rocky series for the 21st century yo...

Video: Fast And The Bi-Curious

Mike and I will be honest with you: the Fast and the Furious films are most definitely one of our guiltier pleasures. The sheer ludicrousness of...

Fast & Furious Smashes US Box Office Records

According to CNN, preliminary estimates indicate that the film, which opened to mostly negative reviews, broke box office records for the biggest ...

Fast And Furious Full Trailer Online For Your Cringing Pleasure

If your taste in films runs to inspiring pathetic dialogue, award-worthy eye-burning computer effects, and stunts and jumps made of the stuff of le...

Tyrese Gibson Set for Cameo in Fast and Furious

As the resident trashy film buff with a taste for terrible cinema—as you would have discovered when I last posted about the next sequel in the f...

The Boys Are Back in Town

 As has been reported around the traps for nearly a year now, the most unapologetically ridiculous series of car movies is back for another s...

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