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Limited Edition Volkswagen GTI Child Seat

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

For parents with a car enthusiast streak (or should that be ‘car enthusiasts with a parental streak’?), Volkswagen has released a limited edit...

MINI Shows Couture 'Katy Perry' Edition Cabriolet

MON, 4 MAY, 2009

The truly great thing about a MINI is the ability to make it unique...

Hyundai Genesis Prada Previewed Ahead Of 2009 Seoul Motor Show

TUE, 31 MAR, 2009

You know you’ve hit the right notes with your design language when prestigious European fashion labels are keen to collaborate on special editio...

Carbon Fibre Bracelet: I Guess That Explains The CF Shortage

SAT, 28 MAR, 2009

Not enough carbon-fibre in your automotive diet?  Is the missus having a hard time finding something to love about the car world?  Puris...

Missed Out On The Lamborghini Reventon? Get The Sneakers.

TUE, 17 MAR, 2009

Alright, so you can't actually get these either. A French designer at Subaru's Japan offices dreamed up the zany - but immensely cool - Lamborghin...

Even Batman Can’t Escape The Bad Times

SAT, 7 MAR, 2009

We’re not sure how many crooks Bats is gonna chase down in his new ‘tuk tuk’, but considering the Tumbler probably chews through 50 litres o...

Porsche Design Driver's Selection: '911 To The Core'

THU, 26 FEB, 2009

Let’s face it, if you’re considering a Porsche you can’t just buy a 911 and be done with it.

Brake Disc Cuff Links And Carbon Fibre Football Kicks

MON, 2 FEB, 2009

In the annals of cleverly-rhymed post titles… my name will be nowhere to be seen. Carbon ceramic brakes may be all the rage in the high-falutin...

Import Bible: Apparel For The Tuner Scene

WED, 28 JAN, 2009

Here’s one for you boys and girls kicking it in the import tuner scene – especially those who lean a little to the Japanese side. Import Bible...

DC Subaru Rally Team USA Official Gear

SAT, 3 JAN, 2009

Subaru’s withdrawal from the World Rally Championship hasn’t stopped Subaru Rally Team USA doing its thing, and no doubt you’ll recall the v...



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