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Feature Article: 2012 Skoda Fabia 77TSI DSG Automatic Hatch First Drive Review

2012 SKODA FABIA DSG HATCH REVIEW Vehicle type: Light Hatch Price: Hatch: 21 290 Wagon: 23 290 Power Torque: 77kW 175Nm Fuel efficiency claimed : 5.3 l 100km Wagon launched this week not available for test at the DSG media event OVERVIEW Until now Skoda's Fabia light car range has lacked the crucial automatic option. The 77TSI and Monte Carlo Hatch models available to date have soldiered on with only a five-speed manual transmission itself one ratio short of its more cutting-edge competitors. As a result Australian 2012 Fabia sales came to just 257 units to the end of May.... continue reading



  • 2012 Skoda Fabia RS Hatch And Wagon First Drive Review

    THU, 21 JUN, 2012

    2012 SKODA FABIA RS REVIEW Vehicle type: Light Hatch/Wagon Price: Hatch: $27,990 | Wagon: $29,990 Power/Torque: 132kW/250Nm Fuel effic...

  • Skoda Fabia 77TSI Review

    MON, 20 FEB, 2012

    SKODA FABIA REVIEW Vehicle Style: Light five-door hatchback Price: $18,990  (plus on-roads) Fuel Economy (claimed): 5.5 l/100km F...

  • Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Review

    THU, 22 SEP, 2011

    SKODA FABIA REVIEW Vehicle Style: Five-door small hatchback Price: $21,990 (Monte Carlo); $18,990 Fabia 77TSI Fuel Economy (claimed): ...