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Ferrari F142 Speculation Continues

WED, 22 APR, 2009

The rumours and speculation surrounding Ferrari's upcoming F430 successor continue to bounce around the interwebs, with new reports adding more fu...

Ferrari F450 To Debut At Frankfurt Motor Show

MON, 16 FEB, 2009

The successor to the F430, which many believe will hit showrooms as the Ferrari F450, will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in October this...

McLaren P11 Delayed By Redesign

THU, 28 AUG, 2008

The launch of McLaren's upcoming P11 supercar has apparently been delayed to give newly-hired Chief of Design Frank Stephenson a chance to wave hi...

Sunday Night Clarkson

SUN, 29 JUN, 2008

Those of us up-to-date with Top Gear (not those of us a year behind with the SBS-aired episodes) will know that episode 2 of season 11 will be air...

Supercar Speculation: Ferrari to launch Enzo successor in 2010?

TUE, 24 JUN, 2008

The rumourmill is slowly gathering momentum on the next Ferrari supercar, which pundits say will feature a 600hp mid-mounted V10 in a stretched F4...

2008 Porsche GT3 RSR

THU, 14 FEB, 2008

Porsche have announced the release of a ‘considerably improved’ GT3 RSR, the most powerful 911-based racer that the German manufacturer produces.

2007 a record breaking year for Ferrari

WED, 13 FEB, 2008

Ferrari has finished 2007 on a roll, reporting record breaking results that are unprecedented in the history of the marque.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Melbourne for the Motorshow

TUE, 12 FEB, 2008

We thought we were going to see it at the 2007 Sydney Motor Show but it was not to be, however we have today received confirmation that Ferra...

Audi R8 wins 'What Car' Performance Car of the Year

MON, 21 JAN, 2008

With the news today that Jaguar’s XF took out the “Best Executive Car” at What Car? COTY, it would be remiss of us not to have a quick look ...

Ferrari F430 Spider Biofuel

FRI, 18 JAN, 2008

As part of its programme to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of its cars by 40 percent by 2012, Ferrari have engineered an F430 that runs...




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