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Renault Twizy Available To France’s Scooter-Licensed 14 Year-Olds

TUE, 24 MAR, 2015

As Australian legislators continue to mull its place on public roads, Renault’s tiny Twizy quadricycle can now be driven by 14 year-olds...

EU Gender-neutral Insurance Law Under Fire: Report

THU, 27 DEC, 2012

New European Union (EU) laws banning gender-based variation in insurance pricing have been met with controversy this week.

New Alfa Romeo Models Delayed, Fiat Boss Blames Euro Economy

FRI, 16 SEP, 2011

The brand is not setting the world on fire here - none in the range is selling well - but Alfa Romeo dealers could soon be at their wits' en...

GM Approaches European Governments For Assistance

THU, 19 FEB, 2009

It seems that if GM is to survive, it’s not going to be given an easy run.

European Carmakers Seek Handout For Green Car Development

WED, 26 NOV, 2008

It seems that it's not just the US automotive giants that are doing it tough: European automakers are reportedly going cap in hand to the European...