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Audi Developing Synthetic Sounds For E-Tron Electric Vehicles: Video

THU, 12 APR, 2012

Audi has employed acoustic engineers to develop ‘new sound signatures’ for its future e-tron models.

2012 Audi e-tron To Make Artificial Sounds, But Will It Be V8 Rumbles Or A Sci-Fi Spaceship?

THU, 4 NOV, 2010

Audi's upcoming all-electric e-tron won't make the sounds we usually expect from a small car, but it won't be dead silent either.

Detroit Showcar Audi e-tron Concept Unveiled

TUE, 12 JAN, 2010

DUBBED SIMPLY (and oddly) 'Detroit Showcar Audi e-tron', Audi has revealed a new variant of its upcoming e-tron all-electric sports car....



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