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Feature Article: 2013 Holden Volt Review

2013 HOLDEN VOLT REVIEW Vehicle Style: Long-Range Electric Vehicle Price: 59 990 plus on-roads Fuel Economy listed: 1.2 l 100km tested: 0.0 l 100km OVERVIEW When we last drove the Holden Volt it was at its national media launch. We were impressed to say the least but the ‘pushing-the-parameters' type of driving done on a typical media launch is perhaps not exactly representative of what goes on in the real world. At the Volt's launch we'd depleted the battery after an hour and a half of motoring something we reckon few Volt owners will do. After all the key appeal... continue reading



  • 2013 Holden Volt Technology Review

    THU, 13 SEP, 2012

    HOLDEN VOLT REVIEW What’s Hot: A new standard for everyday, ultra-efficient motoring What’s Not: $59,990 price of entry still ...

  • 2013 Holden Volt First Drive Review

    FRI, 31 AUG, 2012

    HOLDEN VOLT REVIEW Vehicle style: Range-extender EV small hatch Price: $59,990 plus on-roads Engine: 1.4 litre 16-valve petrol 4cyl, two...

  • 'Holden' Volt: Our First Drive

    SAT, 10 DEC, 2011

    HOLDEN VOLT REVIEW Vehicle Style: Midsize EV hatch Price: Australian pricing TBA (US price USD$39,145) Power (electric motor): 111kW ...