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Australia To Be "Core Market" For Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage System

THU, 17 SEP, 2015

Tesla Motors' power-distribution offshoot Tesla Energy has announced that Australia will be one of the first markets to receive its Powerwall h...

Prius Switch Prototype: The Next-Gen In Green Solutions

WED, 6 MAY, 2009

With the hybrid and electric vehicle revolution underway, what will be the next step for commuters who want to help the environment? Engineers at ...

Sweden Eyes Oil-Free Future By 2030

FRI, 13 MAR, 2009

An oil-free future might sound like a pipe-dream right now, but that is exactly what Sweden is aiming for by 2030. In just 21 years' time, Sweden ...

VW And BMW Dabble In Thermoelectric Generators

THU, 12 FEB, 2009

It may come as a shock to some of you, but the ol' internal combustion engine is far from efficient.

Shock! Regenerative Damper Technology Coming Soon

TUE, 3 FEB, 2009

With practically every hybrid on today's roads rocking some kind of regenerative braking system, we're all pretty familiar with the fuel-saving an...

VW Golf VI Gets TwinDrive Treatment, Will Enter Efficiency Trial

FRI, 28 NOV, 2008

Volkswagen has taken the diesel-electric running gear and plug-in charging system of its previous Golf V based TwinDrive hybrid, and transferred i...

Fiat Bugster To Be Shown At São Paulo Motor Show

TUE, 28 OCT, 2008

Italian revivalist Fiat and its gang of stone-mad but brilliant Brazilian designers have come up with the funkiest little critter the enviro-crowd...

MINI Reveals All-Electric MINI E

MON, 20 OCT, 2008

MINI's first entrant into the increasingly popular eco-car segment has yet to make its first official outing at the upcoming LA Auto Show, but to ...

2009 Ford Fiesta Begins Production in Germany

FRI, 15 AUG, 2008

Ford has commenced production on the all-new 2009 Ford Fiesta at the Cologne assembly plant in Germany, with other Ford factories around the globe...

The Thin Green Line: Japanese Police take delivery of eco-friendly cruiser

FRI, 11 JUL, 2008

While not quite as funny as putting policemen on Segway scooters, the decision by the Kanagawa police department to introduce a battery electric M...


Vectrix Electric Scooter Road Test Review

MON, 10 NOV, 2008

With fuel prices soaring and no relief in sight, electric vehicles certainly make a lot of sense. Turn on the ignition, hold on the back brake and...


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