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Tesla Superchargers Planned For Goulburn As East Coast Opens Up
Tesla Superchargers Planned For Goulburn As East Coast Opens Up

Tesla declared its intentions for the Australian market last year when it revealed plans to build a 'Supercharger...

Apr 13, 2015 (2 years ago)


Tesla Supercharger And Destination Charger Networks Set For Mass Expansion

THU, 27 APR, 2017

Tesla has declared “charging is our priority” for 2017, announcing that owners will soon have access to more charging stations tha...

Tesla Update - Model 3 | Superchargers | Insurance | New Zealand And More

SUN, 26 FEB, 2017

Production for Tesla’s highly-anticipated Model 3 could begin as early as July in a limited capacity, before the electric carmaker ramps up t...

Tesla Introduces Idle Fee To Keep Supercharger Network Available

WED, 28 DEC, 2016

Earlier this year Tesla announced that its free fast-charging Supercharger network would be shifted to a pay-per-use system for vehicles built...

BMW Partners With 40 Westfield Shopping Centres For Electric Vehicle Charging

WED, 14 DEC, 2016

A major breakthrough for BMW’s all-electric ‘i’ sub-brand has been announced with confirmation of 40 charging stations being...

BMW Unveils Next-Generation Smart Charging Network

TUE, 29 NOV, 2016

BMW has released details of an enhanced Digital Charging Network as part of its BMW i and i Performance electric vehicle network in Europe, which w...

Charges For Superchargers - New Tesla Owners To Pay For Supercharging Network Use

TUE, 8 NOV, 2016

As Tesla stares at its impossibly-full order book for the upcoming Model 3, the electric carmaker has decided to alter its ‘free ride’ ...

2017 BMW i3 94Ah - Price And Features For Australia

TUE, 16 AUG, 2016

BMW’s i3 range has been boosted by the arrival of a new model this week, bringing improved range and better fuel economy but increased weight...

Peugeot | Citroen | DS EV Program Boasts Faster Charging And More Power

THU, 16 JUN, 2016

Groupe PSA’s Peugeot, Citroen and DS brands are set to enhance the electric vehicle ownership experience, when their respective EV models arr...

Greens Reveal EV Incentive Plan - Free Registration, Charging Infrastructure Funding

FRI, 20 MAY, 2016

The Australian Greens has announced a radical plan to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia by increasing the luxury car tax on...

Tesla Model S - No More 85 Models For Australia; 'Supercharging Stations' Head North

MON, 15 FEB, 2016

Tesla Australia has streamlined its Model S premium sedan range for 2016, with a four-model line-up powered by the 70 or 90kWh battery packs.



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