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Victoria’s TAC Urges Active Self-Regulation For Older Drivers

FRI, 26 JUN, 2015

Older motorists and their families should be on watch for the first signs of a fading grip on safe driving, Victoria’s Transport Accident Com...

Survey: Older Drivers In The US Support Tougher Scrutiny... On Themselves

MON, 8 DEC, 2014

A survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA) has found older drivers are more than happy to subject themselves to driving scrutiny.

New ‘Obese’ Crash Test Dummy Coming To Keep Pace With Our Growing Guts

FRI, 7 NOV, 2014

US-based crash safety group Humanetics has developed a crash test dummy it hopes will improve road safety in the near future.

QUT Study Seeks Elderly Drivers' Road Safety Influences

TUE, 5 AUG, 2014

The Queensland University of Technology is asking older drivers who they ‘listen to’ before getting behind the wheel.

Road Toll In Australia Down 25 Percent Over Ten Years: BITRE

WED, 11 JUN, 2014

The Federal Government’s report into the 2013 road toll has been released, with a focus on the last decade finding fatalities have dropped by...

Study Suggests 'Self-Regulation' Better Than Mandatory Testing For Older Drivers

FRI, 31 JAN, 2014

A Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) study has found that encouraging older drivers to ‘self-regulate’ their driving posed less ...

Older Drivers And Older Vehicles A Dangerous Combination: NRMA

MON, 17 DEC, 2012

Older drivers risk a much greater chance of injury by choosing or staying with an older vehicle, according to a new NRMA and NSW Centre for Road...

Vic: RACV Launches Help Videos For Older Drivers

THU, 1 NOV, 2012

The RACV has added to its older driver education program with a series of videos aimed at older drivers that can't attend its 'Years Ahe...

RACQ Pushing For Mandatory Reporting Of Medically Unfit Drivers

THU, 11 OCT, 2012

Queensland's RACQ has thrown its support behind a proposal that would see mandatory reporting of patients deemed by their GP to be medi...

Apia: Older Drivers Calmer, Less Likely To Rage

WED, 6 OCT, 2010

A new survey by 'over 50s' insurance company Apia has found that older drivers are more patient and less likely to engage in 'road r...




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