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2010 BMW 1 Series Gets New Engines And Trim Packages

FRI, 26 JUN, 2009

AS PART OF AN UPDATE for the 2010 model year, BMW has added two new engines and two new trim packages to its 1 Series range. Three and five-d...

2010 BMW 316d Slated for September Debut In Europe

THU, 25 JUN, 2009

BMW IS SET TO bump up the efficiency credentials of its 3 Series range this September, when a super-frugal 2.0 litre turbodiesel engine will make ...

BMW Z10 ED Eco-Friendly Supercar On The Way?

SAT, 31 JAN, 2009

According to British car mag Autocar, BMW is reportedly elbow-deep in the development of a fuel-sipping, twin-turbocharged, mid-engined supercar f...

2009 MINI Cooper D Coming To Australia

MON, 19 JAN, 2009

If you still doubt the amazing efficiency that can be extracted from the modern diesel, then read on, as the MINI Cooper D is coming to Australia ...

BMW Shelves Plans For Production-Model CS

WED, 5 NOV, 2008

Revealed back in April at the Shanghai Motor Show, the Concept CS was to see BMW enter the four-door luxury coupe market, joining the likes of Por...

BMW Working On 'Green Supercar' For 2012

WED, 29 OCT, 2008

BMW is touting the coming of a "breakthrough green supercar" which is expected to arrive in 2012 and will be the successor to the famed BMW M1.

MINI Crossover Concept to Make Paris Debut

FRI, 12 SEP, 2008

Picture a new MINI and what do you think of? A small three-door hatch that's popular with both driving enthusiasts and the latte-sipping set alike...

Video - BMW Efficient Dynamics commercial

TUE, 20 MAY, 2008

Yesterday came the news that GM Holden will be exploring a number of different fuels and technologies in the race to bring more efficient and en...

Mini Cooper D super economical diesel

SAT, 26 MAY, 2007

You have to hope that the Australian consumer starts to ‘get’ that diesels are a sensible green alternative to the over-complicated and over-pr...



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