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Return of the Japanese Sports Coupe Renaissance
Return of the Japanese Sports Coupe Renaissance

A few weeks ago I waxed nostalgic about the 90s Japanese Renaissance. In the next few years, we are going to see some t...

Jul 24, 2008 (9 years ago)


Audi To Launch Next A8 With Standard 48 Volt Mild Hybrid Tech

FRI, 2 JUN, 2017

When Audi’s new flagship A8 sedan goes on sale in Europe later this year every model in the range will come equipped with 48 volt mild h...

Toyota Reveals New “Fun To Drive” Engine, Transmission, And Hybrid Systems

WED, 7 DEC, 2016

Toyota has revealed a series of new modular-design engines, transmissions and hybrid systems with a focus on reducing weight and increasing ef...

Volkswagen Preparing New 1.5 Litre Petrol And Diesel Engines - Report

MON, 8 FEB, 2016

Before the end of the decade Volkswagen will begin roll-out of its next generation small four-cylinder engine range.

Patent Rendering Mystery-Coupe Is A BMW - But Not For Showroom Duty

MON, 16 NOV, 2015

After being leaked from China’s patent office just a few weeks ago, this mysteriously styled two-door caused an instant swell of speculation.

A BMW Coupe Or Chinese Market Knock-Off: Patent Renderings Surface

WED, 4 NOV, 2015

Without any confirmation, the angular looking coupe seen here appears to wear hallmarks pointing to the next ultra-efficient vehicle from BMW&rsquo...

Hyundai Previews 'Petrol-Half' Of Hybrid Powertrain, New Eight-Speed Auto

FRI, 30 OCT, 2015

Hyundai has used its annual powertrain conference in Korea to unveil a new Atkinson cycle 1.6 litre engine petrol engine, which will form part of H...

Next Toyota Prius Promises Huge Efficiency Improvements

SUN, 24 MAY, 2015

Toyota engineers could improve thermal efficiency to as much as 40 percent for the next Prius, according to reports out of Japan.

Suzuki Swift Gets Super-Frugal New 1.2 Litre Engine, Not For Australia

THU, 11 SEP, 2014

Suzuki has ramped-up the ‘green’ appeal of its light Swift range, adding a new super-efficient engine to the line-up from next year.

MIT ‘Morphable Skins’ Could Change Car Aerodynamics: Video

MON, 28 JUL, 2014

The idea of adding golf ball-style aerodynamic dimples to a car isn’t new, but a recent scientific discovery could bring it much closer to re...

Toyota Unveils 1.0 And 1.3 Litre Petrol Engines, 14 Variants Due By 2015

FRI, 11 APR, 2014

Toyota has unveiled two brand-new petrol engines; employing technology from its current range of hybrids.



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