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Edo Competition Releases Porsche Cayenne GTS With 450hp

MON, 17 NOV, 2008

Whether you love it or hate it, Porsche's Cayenne range has been a winner for the German automaker.

Diesel-electric Renault Ondelios Concept to be Unveiled at Paris

FRI, 12 SEP, 2008

Renault's director of design Patrick Le Quement says the Ondelios Concept crossover is "inspired by motion rather than speed".

MINI Crossover Concept to Make Paris Debut

FRI, 12 SEP, 2008

Picture a new MINI and what do you think of? A small three-door hatch that's popular with both driving enthusiasts and the latte-sipping set alike...

When Two Become One: Jeep Cherokee to Merge With Dodge Nitro?

TUE, 9 SEP, 2008

Chrysler executives have reportedly confirmed that either the Jeep Liberty (known here as the Cherokee) or the Dodge Nitro will be phased out by 2012.

Ferrari to get 'Ringside Presence in New Facility

MON, 25 AUG, 2008

Aside from being the world's most challenging racetrack and the venue for one of the most demanding 24-hour endurance races ever, the Nurburgring ...

End of World is nigh: Petrol to cost $8 a litre by 2018?

FRI, 11 JUL, 2008

And you thought $1.70 was bad.

Night Vision and the Return of the Digital Dash

SAT, 31 MAY, 2008

Digital dashes hold a special place in the collective memory of all those who lived through the 80s and early 90s, with more than a few manufactur...

Edo Competition Ferrari 630 Scuderia

FRI, 25 APR, 2008

Those Edo Competition guys are at it again, having another crack at one of the World’s most beautiful supercars.

E-Vade shakedown prior to 2008 Melbourne Motor Show

MON, 18 FEB, 2008

Last time we saw the E-Vade it was a rough and ready half finished project that promised loads of potential but you had to use your imagination to...

2008 FG Falcon revealed

SUN, 17 FEB, 2008

Official information on Ford’s new for 2008 Falcon is here.



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