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F1: Ecclestone feared India F1 debacle two weeks ago

MON, 24 OCT, 2011

As recently as two weeks ago, Bernie Ecclestone feared the inaugural Indian grand prix might have to be called off. The F1 chief executive a...

F1: Webber To 'Probably' Retire In 2012 - Marko

TUE, 2 AUG, 2011

A 2012 F1 contract will "probably" be Mark Webber's last - in a Red Bull car, at least. That is the claim of Dr Helmut Marko, ...

F1: Marko Wants Ricciardo To Beat Liuzzi; Webber Not Yet Signed: Horner

FRI, 29 JUL, 2011

F1's newest driver Daniel Ricciardo on Thursday acknowledged his bosses expect him to perform "sooner rather than later". The ...

F1: Ecclestone Admits F1 'Cannot Change' 2010 Rules, Ferrari Engineers Working On Diffuser For 'B' Car

THU, 18 MAR, 2010

F1 SUPREMO says Formula 1 must for now live with its current set of rules. After the processional Bahrain Grand Prix, there has been wi...

F1 To Wait Before 'Bore' Reaction: Ecclestone

TUE, 16 MAR, 2010

Bernie Ecclestone thinks F1 should wait three more races before deciding that the refuelling ban is a rule failure. Some teams are pushing f...

F1: Ecclestone Says Rome Will Not Replace Monza, Horner Says McLaren Wing Legality Protest Unlikely

FRI, 12 MAR, 2010

BERNIE ECCLESTONE has given his personal assurance that Rome is not set to replace historic Monza on the formula one calendar. "Don...

F1: Button Criticises Ecclestone's 'Shortcut' Concept

TUE, 19 JAN, 2010

REIGNING WORLD CHAMPION Jenson Button has criticised comments by Bernie Ecclestone suggesting Formula 1 could introduce an on-track shortcut to bo...

F1: Ecclestone Promises To End Dispute

TUE, 23 JUN, 2009

FORMULA ONE MANAGEMENT boss Bernie Ecclestone has vowed to do everything in his power to stop the split threatening to destroy motor racing’s pr...

Formula 1: Ecclestone Raises Eyebrows With Desire For "Black, Jewish, Women Drivers" In F1

MON, 4 MAY, 2009

In case you haven't noticed, Bernie Ecclestone is a bit of a strange character.

Ecclestone Admits McLaren Could Face Ban

FRI, 10 APR, 2009

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has hinted that McLaren could face expulsion from a number of Grands Prix this season as punishment for lyin...