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2009 MFEST Las Vegas: Pornography For BMW Enthusiasts

WED, 15 APR, 2009

This past weekend, hundreds of BMW enthusiasts convened in Las Vegas to spend a couple of days drooling over some of the best Bimmers kicking arou...

2009 BMW M3 Sedan Launched In Australia

SAT, 15 NOV, 2008

For the first time ever, BMW will be releasing a four-door version of its stonking hot M3 in the Australian market.

2009 BMW 3-Series Australian Pricing

MON, 3 NOV, 2008

BMW's 3-Series has enjoyed a huge run of success and now, come November, the darling of the Australian white collar worker is to be replaced by a ...

BMW E92 M3 rewriting the sales record book

FRI, 18 APR, 2008

The E46 3.2-litre straight-six M3 Coupe was for many, the pinnacle of M3 evolution, the tastiest looking M3 and the M3 with the sharpest edge.

BMW M3 V8 internal combustion video

WED, 9 APR, 2008

We would like to say that no engines were hurt during the filming of the following commercial, but that would be a lie.

2008 E93 BMW M3 convertible officially revealed

WED, 16 JAN, 2008

Leaked images and sketchy details doing the rounds earlier this week forced BMW’s hand and they have now officially revealed the new E93 M3 conv...

BMW E93 M3 Cabriolet pictures leaked

TUE, 15 JAN, 2008

Making their way around the internet after a German magazine broke the embargo on their release, are a number of images of BMW’s new E93 M3 Cabr...

2008 BMW M3 sedan online advertisement

MON, 15 OCT, 2007

Only just released the new M3 sedan will be facing off against the likes of the upcoming Lexus IS-F in 2008.

2008 BMW M3 sedan video

TUE, 9 OCT, 2007

Follow the link to see BMW's new E90 M3 on the road in this official video.

2008 BMW M3 sedan unveiled

SUN, 7 OCT, 2007

What you see here is BMW’s sedan version of its new M3.



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