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Detroit Electric Shifting To Dutch Production For SP01 EV: Report

FRI, 4 APR, 2014

The reborn Detroit Electric brand is soon to become something of a misleading name, if reports out of the US this week are to be believed.

Dutch Students Break Electric Vehicle 0-100km/h World Record

THU, 3 OCT, 2013

A group of university students in the Netherlands have broken the 0-100km/h world record for an electric car.

MTM Tunes Spyker C8 Double 12S

THU, 9 APR, 2009

Not content with supercharging Audis, tweaking Lamborghinis and bolting turbos to X-Bows, German tuning house Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM for the r...

Spyker Supercars Owner Survives Assassination Attempt

THU, 19 MAR, 2009

Details are starting to emerge of an attempted assassination attempt on Alexander Antonov, the Russian banker and owner of flamboyant Dutch superc...

The HB Special: Dutch built, Carbon-bodied Retro Rocket

TUE, 6 JAN, 2009

Boutique manufacturers...



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