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NSW Cycling Laws - Tougher Fines ID Requirements And Passing Buffers From March

TUE, 22 DEC, 2015

Cyclists in New South Wales will have to abide by a new set of rules from March next year, and some associated fines are set to jump.

NSW Mobile Speed Cameras Now Brighter With More Signage

TUE, 15 DEC, 2015

It may perplex the other states, but the New South Wales Government remains committed to signposting all of its speed and red light cameras.  ...

Speed Cameras NSW - Record Revenue Yet Rising Road Toll

THU, 12 NOV, 2015

The New South Wales State Government has come under fire for its red light and speed camera programs, after figures revealed the cameras are raking...

NSW And Northern Territory Look To Speedier Future

FRI, 4 SEP, 2015

The governments of New South Wales and the Northern Territory are both looking to increase speed limits on some of their major roads.

NSW Speed Camera Activists Gain International Attention, Ministerial Fury

TUE, 6 JAN, 2015

What started as a Facebook page encouraging drivers to obscure the view of mobile speed cameras in Australia has now gained international attention.

NSW To Hand Out Demerit Points To Disabled-Parking Cheats

THU, 4 DEC, 2014

Drivers in New South Wales who illegally park in spaces reserved for the disabled will soon face a demerit point penalty, along with the existing&n...

Speed Camera Revenue In NSW Up 45 Percent

MON, 8 SEP, 2014

Revenue from speed cameras in New South Wales has reportedly risen 45 percent over two financial years, and currently returns $6.44 to the sta...

NSW: Non-compliant Bull Bars Given Two-Year's Grace

THU, 28 AUG, 2014

Bull-bars that fail to meet safety standards have been given a two-year grace period by the New South Wales Government.

NSW Considering 120km/h Speed Limits On Some Highways

TUE, 12 AUG, 2014

The New South Wales Government is considering a 120km/h speed limit on some major freeways, which would bring the state into line with much of the ...

First Major Drug-Driving Study Reveals Alarming Figures: NSW

TUE, 12 AUG, 2014

A first-ever study that examined road fatalities in New South Wales over the past four years has revealed disturbing new data on the impact of &lsq...