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Pot Doesn’t Kill Motorists, Dopes Kill Motorists: US Government Study

WED, 11 FEB, 2015

A new study undertaken by the United States Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found that while marijuan...

First Major Drug-Driving Study Reveals Alarming Figures: NSW

TUE, 12 AUG, 2014

A first-ever study that examined road fatalities in New South Wales over the past four years has revealed disturbing new data on the impact of &lsq...

Speed The Most Popular Vice Among Drug Drivers

WED, 14 JUL, 2010

The slogan 'speed kills' may have taken on a new meaning this week, as new figures released by Victoria Police this week show that speed...

Queensland Police Catch 630 Drug-Drivers In Past Two Years

MON, 7 JUN, 2010

Since beginning a crack-down on drug-affected drivers two-and-a-half years ago, some 32,000 roadside drug tests have been conducted in Queensland.

South Australian Drink And Drug Drivers To Lose Licence For Life

MON, 8 MAR, 2010

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN PREMIER Mike Rann announced today that the state's police commissioner will be given the power to permanently strip repeat ...

Operation RAID Returns For Three-Week Blitz On Drink Driving

THU, 19 NOV, 2009

OPERATION RAID (Remove All Impaired Drivers) returns tomorrow for a three-week blitz on drink driving. Coming into its 16th year, the Australia-wi...