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Nissan Signal Shield Uses 1830s Technology For A 2017 Problem

Medicinal castor oil, penny-farthing bicycles, public spittoons - these are just a small selection of ‘ideas’ from yesteryear that don&...

Mobile Phone ‘Simplicity’ Proposed As Next Step For Safety By NHTSA

America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has suggested mobile phone companies alter their products to offer nothing b...

Bored Young Drivers Veering Toward Risky Behaviour: QUT

Research by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has found young drivers, males especially, are taking risks on the road due to boredom.

Volvo Safety Survey Finds Mobile Phone Use Similar To Drink Driving

Volvo Australia has conducted its Safety Index survey for 2015, finding majority support for tougher penalties on mobile phone use while driving.

Dash Cams: Victoria Police Warn Against ‘Vigilante’ Online Shaming

Police have warned against the use of dashboard-mounted cameras for ‘vigilante’ behaviour, as the technical devices grow in popularity.

Buckle Me Up: Australian Invention Aims To Reduce Child Injuries

An Australian invention hopes to end the worries of parents whilst in the car, and reduce the risk of unrestrained children suffering injuries foll...

One In Three Affected By Road Trauma, Won’t Alter Behaviour: Survey

One in three people in the US has been affected by road trauma, with a loved one either killed or seriously injured as the result of a collision.

Vic: TAC Blames Distraction For Spike In Pedestrian Fatalities

If you thought pedestrians choosing to walk around staring at mobile phone screens or wearing giant fashionable headphones were contributing to the...

AAMI Finds Majority Of Young Drivers Distracted, Launches App

Insurer AAMI has found the vast majority of young drivers report being distracted at some point while behind the wheel.

Young Drivers Recognise Road Risks, 'But, Like, You Know, Whatever'

A survey by Western Australia’s RAC has revealed young drivers accept that certain behaviours are risky while driving, but choose to engage i...

Parents Setting Bad Example With Mobile Phones While Driving: QUT

A new Queensland University of Technology study has found parents are setting a poor example when it comes to mobile phone use behind the wheel.

Ford Australia Adds MyKey Security, AppLink Tech To More Models

Ford has expanded its rollout of SYNC AppLink and MyKey technology across its Australian line-up, announcing more models will receive the modern fe...

Texting With Google Glass While Driving Is Only Marginally Safer: Study

Using the ‘wearable computer’ Google Glass to compose a text message while driving is no safer than using a mobile phone handset to typ...

Survey Reveals Growing ‘Selfie’ Trend While Driving: Video

A survey commissioned by Ford in Europe has found one in four young drivers admit to taking a ‘selfie’ while driving, with figures...

Mobile Phone Use Still The Top Driver Distraction: RACQ

A new member survey with Queensland insurer RACQ has found that motorists believe driver distraction is a growing problem, with many pointing to mo...

Road Deaths In Europe Halved; New Drink Driving Laws For Victoria

The road toll in Europe has improved by 57 percent over a period of eleven years, according to an independent report from the European Transport Sa...

Google's Self-Driving Cars Upgraded, Taking To California Streets: Video

Goggle has improved its autonomous cars to the point where the company says they’re safe to venture onto city streets.

AAMI Begins Research Into Distracted Driving

Insurer AAMI has announced that it will commence research into how to stigmatise mobile phone use among drivers to help reduce the frequency of acc...

AMTA Warns Of Mobile Phone Dangers While Driving This Weekend

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) is reminding motorists of the danger of using a mobile phone while behind the wheel ove...

RAC WA ‘bstreetsmart’ Event Educates Young, Distracted Drivers In Perth

The 2014 ‘bstreetsmart’ road safety event has been declared a success by Western Australia’s peak motoring group, the RAC.

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