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Visa Denied: The New York Auto Show Stars That Australia Will Miss Out On

Now that the New York Auto Show is in full swing and automakers have pulled the cover of their stand candy it’s time to take a look at the he...

Alfa Romeo Giulia To Underpin Next Dodge Charger And Challenger

According to various reports in North America, Fiat Chrysler will use the rear-drive Alfa Romeo Giulia platform to underpin the all-new Dodge Charg...

Dodge Journey In Runout - Will Not Be Replaced As Dodge Brand Shelved In Australia

Dodge’s one and only offering in Australia, the Journey SUV, has entered a runout phase and the carmaker has confirmed it will not be replaced.

FCA Recall: More Than One Million Cars Affected By 'Park' Shifter Design Flaw

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled more than 1.1 million cars with automatic transmissions due to a design quirk in the way the shifter op...

Dodge Challenger Closer To Right-Hand Drive Australian Market Launch: FCA Confirms "Coordinated Interest"

Will we see the Dodge Challenger here to do battle with the Ford Mustang and the ‘deeply rumoured, highly likely’ Holden Camaro? The...

Dodge Charger Joins Hellcat Brigade, Now Fastest Sedan In The World

Dodge has wasted no time in delivering a follow-up to May’s souped-up Challenger Hellcat, unveiling a new Charger version this week.

2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit - US Police Car Revealed

Dodge has declared its new Charger Pursuit special “America’s high-performance police vehicle”, upon unveiling the black and whit...

Chrysler To Drop 300 SRT As Focus Moves To Dodge: Report

The announcement this week that the SRT performance brand will become a Dodge-only division has raised questions over the future of existing SRT mo...

2014 Dodge Charger Revealed

In 2006, the Charger badge appeared on a new Dodge for the first time in 19 years, the seventh model-line to wear the name.

Dodge's Days Are Numbered: Report

According to Wards Auto, Chrysler's sub-brand Dodge could disappear as early as 2016.

Mopar To Show Souped-up Charger And 200 At Detroit

Aussie fans of Chrysler's muscliest models have been praying for rain in recent years, with the company's toughest local offerings restr...

Iconic Screen Cars Find New Homes At The Auctions

Two of the most recognisable cars ever to roll into Hollywood are on their way to new homes: Doc Brown's time-hopping DeLorean, and the Duke...

Holden Caprice Beats Out Ford And Dodge Rivals In US Police Tests

The preferred patrol sedan of US law-enforcement is big, V8-powered and built in Australia, if recent testing by the Los Angeles Count...

Alfa Romeo 169 To Be Based Off Chrysler 300C Platform: Rumours

ALFA ROMEO'S planned successor to the 166 executive saloon, the 169, is reportedly going to be built off Chrysler's LX large-car platform, the ver...

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