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BYD F3DM Joins The Plug-In Hybrid Set

WED, 14 JAN, 2009

  Chinese manufacturer BYD looks like it may have swept in to steal the limelight in the promised land of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Revenge Designs Presents GTM-R Supercar

WED, 14 JAN, 2009

Thankfully not everything being shown at Detroit is a fuel-dodging econo-hatch.

2010 Toyota Prius Unveiled In Detroit

TUE, 13 JAN, 2009

Following a lengthy teaser campaign Toyota has announced the final details of its new Prius.

2010 Mercedes E-Class Unveiled In Detroit

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

We have already seen a few images of the new Mercedes E-Class, but this time we've got the details to go along with it and a swag of new shots to ...

2010 BMW Z4 On Show In Detroit

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

We covered the guts of the details on BMW's Z4 mid last month - when they escaped onto the net - but that didn't stop BMW from making a big song a...

2010 Jaguar XKR Unveiled In Detroit

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

Jaguar has taken the wraps off the new iteration of its delectable XK range.

Chrysler In Detroit 2009 - Bring Your Own Sandwiches

TUE, 6 JAN, 2009

Following news that it has received its first US$4 billion in funds from the US Government, Chrysler has revealed that it is taking the task of co...

Revenge Designs GTR-M Set To Debut In Detroit

MON, 29 DEC, 2008

Keep your eyes peeled on Detroit Motor Show next month (opening January 17) as Indiana-based tuners Revenge Designs is set to drop the curtain on ...

Toyota To Unveil FT-EV Concept At NAIAS

TUE, 23 DEC, 2008

A press release from Toyota has revealed the Japanese marque plans to reveal a new battery-powered concept car at next year's Detroit Motor Show.

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Images Leaked?

WED, 10 DEC, 2008

Word has it that the three grainy images you see here are official shots of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.



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