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Gen Y The Tipping Point In Hybrid Sales Growth: Study

FRI, 20 JAN, 2012

Today's young motorists are drawn more by the green image of hybrids rather than the red-hot thrill of a V8, according to a new study by con...

Buyers Baulk At Extra Cost Of Electric Vehicles: Study

TUE, 2 AUG, 2011

A new study by international consultants Deloitte has found that fuel prices will need to reach beyond $2.60 per litre before most buyers will c...

Generation Y Buying Greener, Brand-New Cars

WED, 10 FEB, 2010

AFFORDABILITY, RELIABILITY and styling; three factors most people consider when buying a new car.

Report Predicts Shift To Electric Cars, New Manufacturing Centres

THU, 24 SEP, 2009

A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT by international consultancy Deloitte predicts that the future automotive landscape will feature more streamlined productio...