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De Tomaso Sold To Chinese Consortium For Lowly Sum

What’s left of the once-great De Tomaso has reportedly been sold to a consortium of Chinese carmakers for just over one million euros (AU$1.4...

DeTomaso Moves To Switzerland, New Supercar Rumoured

The legendary De Tomaso brand is back in the news, three years after the once revived brand had again gone broke.

BMW To Buy De Tomaso? Report

German automotive powerhouse BMW is said to be in the running to buy the bankrupt de Tomaso.

De Tomaso Goes Bust, Again

Italian luxury and supercar maker De Tomaso has run out of money again - but this time will probably be the last.

De Tomaso To Return With 8000 Cars Per Year

LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE marque De Tomaso is set to return after former Fiat executive Gian Mario Rossignolo bought the name from a bankruptcy court ...

De Tomaso Pantera - Panthera design study

Fans of 70’s supercars will no doubt remember the highly desired De Tomaso Pantera.

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Gallery2007 De Tomaso Panthera Concept - Stefan Schulze

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