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2007 a record year for Holden Special Vehicles

FRI, 18 JAN, 2008

By now we all know that 2007 was a bumper year for car sales in Australia with the magic one million sales mark being surpassed for the first time...

CSV beat HSV to LS7 heaven

WED, 19 DEC, 2007

The car that we were all hoping HSV would bring to the Sydney Motor Show was the rumoured LS7 powered GTS, instead we were confronted with the nic...

Chevrolet Special Vehicles established in the Middle East

THU, 15 NOV, 2007

It’s long been suspected with E-Series HSV’s being spotted in the Middle East and its now official.

HSV E-Series R8 to be sold in Middle East as CSV CR8

SAT, 27 OCT, 2007

HSV’s E-Series Clubsport R8 has recently been spotted in North America and the Middle East sparking speculation over possible new export markets...

Russians not interested in Jaguar or Range Rover

TUE, 31 JUL, 2007

Fresh from posting a handy second quarter profit Ford are pressing on with the sale of their Jaguar and Land Rover Premium Automotive Group (PAG) b...