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0 Comments Jul, 20 2016 (1 year ago)
CSIRO MagSonic Magnesium Components
3 Comments Oct, 14 2009 (8 years ago)
Bolwell Denied Green Car Funds For Electric Sports Car Project
THE BOLWELL CAR COMPANY, makers of the mid-engined Bolwell Nagari sports car, has criticised the Federal Government for...
1 Comment Sep, 23 2008 (9 years ago)
Breakthrough CSIRO UltraBattery Goes Global
CSIRO's breakthrough UltraBattery, news of which surfaced last year, is now set for world automotive markets and intern...
6 Comments Jul, 11 2008 (9 years ago)
End of World is nigh: Petrol to cost $8 a litre by 2018?
And you thought $1.70 was bad. A new report issued by the Australian research institute CSIRO warns that the price of...

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