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Australian-Developed ‘Greener’ Magnesium Production A Certainty For Automotive Use

THU, 21 JUL, 2016

The CSIRO and Enirgi Group have announced a new technology for the production of magnesium which uses up to 80 percent less energy and emits up to ...

Bolwell Denied Green Car Funds For Electric Sports Car Project

WED, 14 OCT, 2009

THE BOLWELL CAR COMPANY, makers of the mid-engined Bolwell Nagari sports car, has criticised the Federal Government for denying its request for a ...

Breakthrough CSIRO UltraBattery Goes Global

TUE, 23 SEP, 2008

CSIRO's breakthrough UltraBattery, news of which surfaced last year, is now set for world automotive markets and international sales.

End of World is nigh: Petrol to cost $8 a litre by 2018?

FRI, 11 JUL, 2008

And you thought $1.70 was bad.



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