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Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ Unveiled: Supercharged Power For Honda Hybrid Hatch

MON, 8 OCT, 2012

Ever thought the Honda CR-Z could use a little more oomph? Is the extra 10kW/16Nm offered by the upcoming 2013 Honda CR-Z not enough? Enter ...

2011 Honda CR-Z Revealed At Detroit Motor Show

TUE, 12 JAN, 2010

AFTER AN ONGOING flow of concept appearances and leaked images, Honda has at last unveiled the production version of its sporty CR-Z hybrid. Virtu...

2011 Honda CR-Z - More Images Leaked

SAT, 2 JAN, 2010

HONDA'S UPCOMING CR-Z hybrid hot hatch has already been seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in 99% production-ready form, and leaked brochures have shown...

2011 Honda CR-Z Details Revealed In Leaked Brochure; Mugen Version Surfaces

THU, 10 DEC, 2009

Update: New brochure page added, featuring Mugen-styled CR-Z. AN OFFICIAL BROCHURE for the 2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid hatch has surfaced online this w...

2011 Honda CR-Z To Appear At 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

TUE, 30 JUN, 2009

IT'S BEEN A WHILE since we last mentioned Honda's hunchbacked hybrid the CR-Z, but the latest news is that Honda is preparing to reveal the product...



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