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Toyota to fit Active Noise Cancelling to Crown Hybrid

FRI, 18 JUL, 2008

One of my favourite pieces of modern technology is the black noise generator, more commonly known now as Active Noise Cancelling.

Night Vision and the Return of the Digital Dash

SAT, 31 MAY, 2008

Digital dashes hold a special place in the collective memory of all those who lived through the 80s and early 90s, with more than a few manufactur...

Ferrari to embark on Magic India Discovery Tour

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

Following Ferrari’s successful expeditions through China and the Americas, proving that the legendary super car makers products can go just abou...

Alfa Romeo 8C and Scarlett Johansson the perfect match

THU, 27 SEP, 2007

The UK’s prestige and performance motor show MPH ’07 has conducted a poll in order to determine the average persons perfect car and passenger,...

SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo - New Worlds Fastest Production Car

FRI, 14 SEP, 2007

Well it’s not officially official until Monday, but SSC (Shelby Super Cars) has just clocked a top speed of 411.76km/h (255.83 mph) in their imag...

Ford Fairlane and LTD to cease production

FRI, 11 MAY, 2007

It has been expected for a while now but Ford has sadly announced the death of its Fairlane and LTD long-wheel base luxury sedans.

International Engine of the Year Awards

FRI, 27 APR, 2007

May the best mota win BMW is no stranger to winning the engine of the year award and last year was no different.

Audi RS4 wins World Performance Car of the Year

THU, 12 APR, 2007

I have to admit that this broad shouldered hunk of Bavarian beefcake is one of my all-time favourite performance sedans.

Aston Martin DBS spotted - Vanquishing the Vanquish

WED, 11 APR, 2007

The Vanquish.



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