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Caltex Blames Contaminated E10 For Sydney M4 Breakdowns

THU, 25 JUN, 2015

Caltex has blamed excessive water contamination in one of its underground tanks for a bizarre incident that saw around 20 cars grind to a halt in S...

Federal Government "Showed Blatant Disregard" On Fuel Contamination: VACC, RACV

WED, 31 MAR, 2010

VACC AND RACV have today described the Federal Government's response to a fuel contamination scare in Victoria last year as "flawe...

Melbourne Petrol Contamination Update: Silicon Oil The Culprit

THU, 13 AUG, 2009

TESTING CONDUCTED by the VACC has found that silicon oil contamination was the cause of last week's fuel scare, which left hundreds of motorists w...

VACC, RACV Issue Contaminated Fuel Warning For Melbourne Motorists

FRI, 7 AUG, 2009

MELBOURNE MOTORISTS who purchased petrol from a small number of fuel stations around the city are being urged to keep a close eye on their vehicle...