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Fiat Chrysler Design Chief Calls For Industry Collaboration On Autonomous Cars

MON, 13 FEB, 2017

The age of autonomous motoring is on its way but, according to Fiat Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles, automakers and outside industries will...

GM And Honda Team-Up For Fuel Cell Manufacturing Plant

TUE, 31 JAN, 2017

Making a major statement about future motoring, General Motors and Honda have announced the industry’s first plant to mass-produce hydrogen f...

Honda Announces Partnerships With Visa And Dreamworks, Debuts NeuV Compact Car And Riding Assist Technlogy In Las Vegas

FRI, 6 JAN, 2017

Honda flexed its considerable technology muscle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, kicking-off things by announcing collabor...

Honda And Waymo Open Discussions On Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

FRI, 23 DEC, 2016

The first trial vehicles for Google’s Waymo self-driving vehicle trial may have come from the workshops of Fiat Chrysler, but now Honda has a...

Volkswagen Turns To Tata For ‘Economy Car’ Project

WED, 3 AUG, 2016

Reports out of India hint at a collaborative agreement between Volkswagen and Indian industrial giant Tata, working together on a new low-cost vehi...

BMW, Intel, and Mobileye | Fully Autonomous Vehicle In Production By 2021?

MON, 4 JUL, 2016

BMW has announced its plans for the “future of mobility” in collaboration with computer chip maker Intel and autonomous software s...

BMW To Collaborate With Intel On Autonomous Technology

FRI, 1 JUL, 2016

BMW would appear to be about to join the race in developing self-driving cars.

Google and Fiat Chrysler Team Up On Autonomous Research

THU, 5 MAY, 2016

While online giant Google has made a significant investment into autonomous vehicle research, automaker Fiat Chrysler is yet to do the same.

BMW And Toyota Confirm Green Tech And Joint Sports Car Project

FRI, 25 JAN, 2013

BMW and Toyota will strengthen ties in 2013, expanding their existing shared engine arrangement to include partnering on new technologies and a ...

BMW, Toyota Confirm Diesel And Battery Technology Partnership

FRI, 2 DEC, 2011

Toyota and BMW took to the stage at this week's Tokyo Motor Show to announce an engine and technology sharing partnership.



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