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Buyer Perceptions Keeping Diesel Numbers Down In US

THU, 16 APR, 2009

It’s incredible to think that one market will whole-heartedly embrace a technology while another will almost completely turn its back. Diesel fu...

Mazda Pursuing Diesel And Weight Reduction Over Hybrid Tech

FRI, 27 MAR, 2009

It seems that Mazda is one of the few companies dedicated to keeping as much weight as possible out of its cars.

2009 Audi Sportback Concept Unveiled In Detroit

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

Not to be outdone by its parent company's debut of the gorgeous Volkswagen Concept Bluesport, Audi has whipped the sheets off its latest Sportback...

2009 Volkswagen Concept Bluesport Unveiled In Detroit

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

Just when you were starting to think that the small sportscar segment was looking a little boring, along comes this pearl from Volkswagen – the ...

2009 Hyundai Grandeur Launched With Green Diesel

WED, 29 OCT, 2008

Hyundai has released details of its 2009 Grandeur large sedan range, and the big news is that it now includes a diesel option, with the introducti...

World car fleet expected to reach 1.25 billion by 2015

FRI, 18 JAN, 2008

Environmental concerns spark all variety of debate and the hottest topic at the moment is Global Warming and CO2 emissions.

Audi R8 V12 TDI Concept revealed

TUE, 15 JAN, 2008

Is this the World's first relatively sensible supercar? The stunning Audi R8 V12 TDI Concept appears to have been the "Belle of the Ball" at this ...

Mitsubishi Concept RA unveiled in Detroit

MON, 14 JAN, 2008

Mitsubishi have treated Detroit Auto Show attendees to the unveiling of their Concept RA, an eco-friendly coupe concept.

Nissan Forum concept revealed

WED, 19 DEC, 2007

People movers don’t generally excite the senses like regular cars, in fact they don’t really excite the senses at all but that hasn’t stoppe...

Lexus LS600h enjoys massive demand

WED, 5 DEC, 2007

Lexus released the flagship of their range, the hybrid LS600h in Australia on the 19th of November and if you were in any doubt as to the saleabil...