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Obama Preparing To Set Deadline For GM, Chrysler?

MON, 30 MAR, 2009

During an interview with US television show Political Capital With Al Hunt, US Treasury auto adviser Steve Rattner suggested that the talks betwee...

US Government Automotive Task Force To Arrive In Detroit Today

TUE, 10 MAR, 2009

After having spent an undoubtedly gruelling two weeks with President Obama's automotive task force - most of it, most certainly, on 'the rack...

What's Moving and What's Losing in US Showrooms

WED, 16 JUL, 2008

How is the Pontiac G8 faring in the stagnating US market, you ask? At this point, sitting on portfolio of salivating reviews by the US automotive ...

Leaked memo slams Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Nitro

SUN, 10 JUN, 2007

Hard on the heels of the Chrysler Sebring's arrival in Australia is a leaked internal Chrysler memo suggesting that not even Chrylser are happy wit...