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Volvo’s First EV To Be Produced in China From 2019

Volvo has announced that it will introduce its first production EV globally from 2019, but instead of calling Sweden home, production is set to tak...

Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show

General Motors has unveiled a second version of its Chevrolet FNR concept at the Shanghai Auto Show this week in the shape of a compact SUV that lo...

Skoda Teases Vision E Concept – Is This The Kodiaq Coupe?

This teaser image is Skoda’s Vision E concept due for unveiling next month at the Shanghai Auto Show.

China V Germany – Not Soccer, It’s Chery Taking-On Mercedes-Benz

German giant Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled plans for its line of electric cars to be called ‘EQ’ and announced plans for manufacturin...

Skoda To launch Four New SUVs For China

The rising popularity of SUVs in China has prompted Volkswagen group’s Czech Republic brand Skoda to develop four new SUVs for the world&rsqu...

2017 Haval H6 Revealed Ahead Of Chinese Debut

China’s most popular SUV, the Haval H6 has just been refreshed with an all-new model for 2017, designed to maintain the brand’s best se...

BMW Debuts All-New 1 Series Sedan For China

BMW has unveiled the all-new 1 Series sedan that will be made in China, and offered exclusively for that market where premium compact sed...

Honda And Hitachi Team-Up For Electric Motor Production

Two Japanese giants – Hitachi and Honda – have announced the formation of a new joint venture company to develop and produce electric m...

An Affordable Electric Car From Renault

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has confirmed the company is developing an affordable compact electric car.

China’s WM Motors To Bring Affordable EVs To The Masses

A new electric vehicle startup, called WM Motor, is set to introduce affordable EV motoring to Chinese buyers aiming to deliver mass-market appeal,...

BMW i3 ‘Inspires’ Yema B11 For China - Is This The Worst Copy Yet?

China’s rather loose copyright laws have given way to another new car which seeks to ‘pay tribute’ to an existing model from the ...

Tesla Model S Exposed By ‘White-Hat’ Chinese Hackers - Tesla Immediately Responds

Two examples of Tesla’s Model S sedan were remotely controlled in a convincing display by a team of ‘white hat’ (non-malicious) h...

Ford Mustang Taking The World By Storm | Even Germany Embracing The 'Stang'

The waiting list for Ford’s Mustang pony car in Australia has been well documented; its entire first year allocation was sold out well b...

Audi RS 6 Allroad - New China-Only AWD Performance Wagon On The Way?

Audi is reportedly considering an expansion to its China-only line-up with a new Allroad version of the RS 6 Avant.

MG Returning To Australia - SAIC Motor Australia Established

Famed British brand MG is returning to Australia as Chinese parent company SAIC Motor announces plans to establish a new Australian offshoot.

Tesla Removes ‘Self Driving’ Claim From Chinese Website

Tesla has reportedly removed references to “self-driving” from its website for customers in China, after a traffic incident in the Peop...

New $375 Million Electric Vehicle Plant Planned For China

Wanxiang Group – the Chinese company which owns Fisker – has plans to build a $375 million plant to produce electric cars in Hangzhou, ...

Elevated Bus Prototype Rolls Out In China

What rolls on tracks, can carry up to 300 passengers, and is powered by electricity? If you said a train you’d be spot-on.

Volkswagen Turns To Tata For ‘Economy Car’ Project

Reports out of India hint at a collaborative agreement between Volkswagen and Indian industrial giant Tata, working together on a new low-cost vehi...

Germany To Legislate Black Box Data Recorders For Autonomous Vehicles

Germany’s transport ministry looks set to introduce legislation which would require data recorders, similar to an aircraft black box, to be f...

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