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Mid-Engined Corvette Wears Holden Ute Skin In US Spy Shots

FRI, 9 JAN, 2015

Spy photos of what is believed to be a new mid-engined version of the Chevrolet Corvette have surfaced in the overseas press this week.

2015 Corvette Z06 Performance Detailed: Here's A Hint, It’s Fast

THU, 2 OCT, 2014

Chevrolet has finally revealed just how fast the 466kW/861Nm 6.2 litre supercharged V8-powered 2015 Corvette Stingray Z06 really is.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Replacement A Reality, And It's Mid-Engined: Report

MON, 18 AUG, 2014

Chevrolet’s next Corvette ZR1 will reportedly be mid-engined, making it the first Corvette to switch to the recognised ‘supercar’...

2015 Corvette Z06 So Good, You Won't See A New ZR1: Report

THU, 16 JAN, 2014

The newly unveiled Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is set for an extended reign at the top of the Corvette tree, according to reports out of the US.

Bertone's Project M Based Upon Corvette ZR-1

TUE, 14 APR, 2009

Ever have one of those "I told you so" moments? We just did. At the start of the month we brought you the first four episodes of Bertone's docum...

2009 World Car Of The Year Finalists Announced Ahead Of New York Auto Show

THU, 12 MAR, 2009

World Car Of The Year, the title awarded by a panel of 48 international automotive journos from 22 countries, is underway yet again.  It’s o...

Corvette ZR1 Goes All-Electric, Knocks Over Quarter Mile In Three Minutes

WED, 11 MAR, 2009

Eager to prove yourself as an environmentally-conscious consumer, but not ready to hand in your revhead membership? You need the all-electric 2...

2009 Callaway Corvette - The ZR1's Little Brother

FRI, 23 JAN, 2009

Callaway Cars has just released details of its 2009 Callaway Corvette, essentially a substantial upgrade package for the Corvette C6.

Clarkson Names Corvette ZR1 Best Car Of 2008

MON, 29 DEC, 2008

The world’s most famous motoring journalist thinks that all Americans are fat, they build big shoddy gas guzzling cars and generally use them fo...

Corvette ZR1 on the Autobahn Video

THU, 11 SEP, 2008

The Corvette ZR1 may have been rolled by the Viper ACR at the Nurburgring recently, but that doesn't mean it's hanging its head in Europe - far fr...




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