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Top Gear Australia Season 2 Episode 1 - That's Better

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

Let's face it, Top Gear Australia season one wasn't too flash.

Exit Charlie Cox, Enter James Morrison - Top Gear Australia

FRI, 19 DEC, 2008

Top Gear Australia co-host Charlie Cox is, well, host no longer.

Top Gear Australia In Trouble With Manufacturers

MON, 8 DEC, 2008

As we followed the weekly Australian series of Top Gear earlier this year, it became apparent (through the comments left by readers) that the seem...

Top Gear Australia Season One Wrap Up

TUE, 18 NOV, 2008

Last night's episode of Top Gear Australia capped off what has been an interesting and challenging first season for Charlie, Steve, Warren and the...

Top Gear Australia - Episode 6

TUE, 4 NOV, 2008

Episode six of the Australian Top Gear franchise aired last night and if the ratings are anything to go by, the Aussie show's star could well be o...

Top Gear Australia - Episode 5

MON, 27 OCT, 2008

With the jury still out, SBS has just flicked the switch on Top Gear Australia - Episode 5.

Top Gear Australia - Episode 4

MON, 20 OCT, 2008

As I write this the fourth episode of Top Gear's local franchise has finished. This week, Steve thrashed the HSV W427 around Lang Lang (although C...

Top Gear Australia Preview Video

SUN, 14 SEP, 2008

Top Gear Australia's Warren Brown - yep, the one with the fire truck and the dodgy moustache - has popped up online with an article and a video to...

The Last Top Gear Australia Update. Promise.

THU, 5 JUN, 2008

I think we all know that, like a school kid's lunch money and the comic book shelf at the newsagents down the road from school, I'm bound to break...

Yet More Top Gear Australia. Will I Ever Stop?

SAT, 31 MAY, 2008

Alright folks, one more Top Gear Australia bit before I run out the door and down to the pub before the brilliantly conceived 2am lockout can stop...