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Daimler Relinquishes Remaining Chrysler Stake

TUE, 28 APR, 2009

After lengthy negotiations Daimler has finally separated itself from Chrysler, with the announcement this week that the German company will return...

GM Boss Warns Three Million Jobs Could Go

TUE, 25 NOV, 2008

Having recently failed to secure a second USD$25 billion leg-up from the US government, America's Big Three (GM, Ford and, Chrysler) each...

Hyundai In Talks With Chrysler

MON, 10 NOV, 2008

A deal of any sort with ailing automotive manufacturer Chrysler is beginning to look like a hot potato.

Confirmed: Hummer Up For Sale

SUN, 19 OCT, 2008

General Motors Corporation US, in merger talks with Chrysler (and more about that in a moment), has now put its crippled Hummer brand on the front...

Who is interested in Jaguar and Landrover

TUE, 7 AUG, 2007

The pending sale by Ford of its Jaguar and Land Rover (PAG) Premium Auto Group brands has attracted the interest of some interesting parties.

GM post second quarter profit

WED, 1 AUG, 2007

General Motors announced overnight that it has posted a second quarter profit of $US891 million which is a fair chunk of good news given that a yea...

Chrysler purchased by Cerberus

TUE, 15 MAY, 2007

The big car industry news overnight is that agreement has been reached on the sale of the Chrysler half of DaimlerChyrsler.