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Return of the Japanese Sports Coupe Renaissance
Return of the Japanese Sports Coupe Renaissance

A few weeks ago I waxed nostalgic about the 90s Japanese Renaissance. In the next few years, we are going to see some t...

Jul 24, 2008 (9 years ago)
370Z Revealed, Vampire Look Is Officially "In"
New Nissan 370Z first image

Oh dear. After speculative renderings of a facelifted 350Z surfaced in a Japanese car magazine earlier this year (below...

May 15, 2008 (9 years ago)


Film: Disney And Pixar's Cars 2 Extended Trailer

FRI, 11 MAR, 2011

If next month's Fast Five isn't your speed, the upcoming sequel to the hugely successful Cars animated film could be more to your liking...

Porsche Confirms Hybrid Panamera For 2011

MON, 2 AUG, 2010

Porsche has made a big thing out of its four-door Panamera, and now news has come through that the German sports and luxury carmaker has confirm...

One-car Limit In NSW Canada Bay's Rhodes Peninsula Estate

FRI, 16 JUL, 2010

It's an experiment that has caught on in a number of towns and cities around Europe, but the idea of a car-free Australian town is the sort ...

Tokyo Mater - Cars Meets Tokyo Drift In Pixar's New Short Film

FRI, 15 MAY, 2009

While we wait for the next instalment of Pixar's and Disney's animated Cars franchise, the nuts at Pixar have put together a short film telling th...

Subaru's First WRC Car Up For Sale

MON, 23 FEB, 2009

Like to park a piece of automotive history in your garage? Prodrive is giving you the opportunity to do just that, offering up for sale the first ...

University Of South Australia Says Inter-Car Communication Could Be A Reality By 2012

MON, 16 FEB, 2009

According to the eggheads at the University of South Australia, cars could feature short-range safety communication technology within the next four...

What Grinds My Gears: Motorists in Wet Weather

SAT, 13 DEC, 2008

There's nothing quite like the smell of an afternoon shower on a stinking hot day.

2008 VACC Cavalcade to the Vines

TUE, 18 NOV, 2008

Fancy the idea of spending some time with a whole bunch of vintage, classic and modern era cars, in one of Australia’s premier wine regions? If ...

RMIT Unveils Australia's First Hydrogen Race Car

THU, 6 NOV, 2008

Working in collaboration with Germany's Fachhochschule Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, RMIT University researchers have unveiled Austra...

VW Gets Wrenching On Touareg 2 Dakar Challenger

WED, 5 NOV, 2008

The 2009 Dakar rally (which, ironically, no longer finishes in the West African city of Dakar, but on a different continent altogether) is set to ...


2008 BMW 125i Coupe Road Test Review

THU, 6 NOV, 2008

Some things are just plain wrong.

Film Review: Death Race (Jason Statham)

MON, 3 NOV, 2008

Well chaps, yet another hour and a half of Jason Statham’s grimaces and steely-eyed stares have been visited upon us, this time in the form of P...

Spotting Road Ragers: Look for Rice

TUE, 24 JUN, 2008

If you've ever wondered how to spot a road rager, and their aggressive tailgating and sudden swerving of lanes while gesticulating in the cabin do...


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