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Lamborghini To Experiment With Hybrid Technology, Biofuels, Start-Stop

MON, 8 JUN, 2009

LAMBORGHINI HAS ANNOUNCED that it intends to slash the CO2 output of its manufacturing operations by a huge 30 percent by 2010 and also aims to cu...

Automotive Manufacturers Urged to Halve Emissions by 2050

THU, 5 MAR, 2009

Four leading international agencies are urging automotive manufacturers to halve CO² emissions by 2050 in an initiative coined "50 by 50". The ...

VW Reveals Ultra-efficient Golf BlueMotion Concept

TUE, 9 SEP, 2008

Are hybrids not green enough for you? Do you prefer your eco-friendly ride to come with a touch of European panache as standard? Volkswagen may ha...

The New CO2 Solution: Bury It in the Ocean

WED, 16 JUL, 2008

Climate change has replaced recycling as THE environmental cause du jour, with the phrase being on everyone's lips.

Corvette Racing now E85 ethanol powered

WED, 16 JAN, 2008

GM have announced that Corvette Racing will be powered by E85 ethanol for the 2008 American Le Mans Series (E85 Indy pace car pictured).

Fiat Punto Sport T-Jet lands in Oz

TUE, 8 JAN, 2008

Fiat have just launched the fastest version of their Punto in Australia, with the arrival of the turbocharged T-Jet Punto.

2008 Lexus LS600hL released

MON, 19 NOV, 2007

Lexus has launched its flagship LS 600hL hybrid sedan in Australia and it will be available in dealerships from today.

2008 Nissan Dualis boasts unusual green credentials

FRI, 16 NOV, 2007

Nissan's new compact crossover the Dualis will be landing in Australia in early 2008 and bringing with it some unique green credentials that help ...

Sydney Motor Show 2007 will feature Ferrari F430 Scuderia

SUN, 23 SEP, 2007

Ferrari are bringing their 430 Scuderia to the 2007 Australian International Motor Show due to get underway on October 11 making this the second w...

Volvo ReCharge Hybrid concept

SAT, 8 SEP, 2007

Volvo have announced that they will be unveiling their ReCharge Hybrid Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.