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Feature Article: 2008 BMW 125i Coupe Road Test Review

Some things are just plain wrong. Like pineapple on pizza. Like bicycle pants. And like putting “BMW” and “bargain” in the same sentence. That's gotta be wrong. So what's going on with the BMW 125i Coupe Who ever heard of a BMW-badged two-door coupe a growling three-litre straight six in the snout like we're talking a real engine here not an earnest but underdone four and track-day handling for less than 60k You'd reckon 70k plus at least wouldn't you . But it isn't and it's a bargain. In fact teeing off at 54 401 for the six-speed manual with... continue reading



  • Film Review: Death Race (Jason Statham)

    MON, 3 NOV, 2008

    Well chaps, yet another hour and a half of Jason Statham’s grimaces and steely-eyed stares have been visited upon us, this time in the form of P...

  • Spotting Road Ragers: Look for Rice

    TUE, 24 JUN, 2008

    If you've ever wondered how to spot a road rager, and their aggressive tailgating and sudden swerving of lanes while gesticulating in the cabin do...