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Caparo Introduces T1 Race Extreme, Air Conditioning Now On The Options List

FRI, 20 MAR, 2009

Caparo has created an even faster version of its F1-racer-for-the-road, the T1.

Evo Magazine Road Tests Caparo T1

MON, 27 OCT, 2008

Our man Dan Fewster is not the only guy I am jealous of.

New Lightweight Supercar coming from Gordon Murray

TUE, 12 AUG, 2008

If you've heard of the McLaren F1 or the Caparo T1, and who hasn't, then you'll have seen Gordon Murray's handiwork before.

Aston Martin to Adapt Caparo T1's Brakes to DB9

FRI, 1 AUG, 2008

With 355mm front rotors gripped by some fairly sizable calipers, the standard braking hardware of Aston Martin's DB9 isn't exactly limp-wristed.

2007 Caparo T1 destroys Top Gear test track lap record

THU, 22 NOV, 2007

There is a new Top Gear test track champion, unofficially at least, with the Caparo T1 road registerable completely insane race car breaking throu...



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