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President Trump Looks To Loosen Fuel Economy Regulations As Part Of ‘Business First’ Plan

TUE, 31 JAN, 2017

Recently-adopted strict fuel consumption regulations in the United States could be scrapped by President Trump under proposed sweeping changes to t...

Nissan DeltaWing Le Mans Racer Could Become Road-Going Model

THU, 29 MAY, 2014

DeltaWing has unveiled a rendered road-going version of its race car, as the company looks to use the unique shape to build a road car.

Toyota, Ford Partnering On Hybrid SUVs And Light Trucks

TUE, 23 AUG, 2011

They may be locked in battle at the top end of the global sales charts, but Ford and Toyota will soon put aside their swords and team up on new ...

GM culls SUV line-up and reviews the strategic fit of the Hummer brand

WED, 4 JUN, 2008

It’s a bit like the 70’s oil crisis all over again for GM.

CAFE claims the VE Commodore based 2011 Impala

TUE, 3 JUN, 2008

It appears that Ford Australia is not the only colonial outpost of the big American manufacturers to be given the red light for developing future ...

Schwarzenegger to meet with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

WED, 7 MAY, 2008

California’s ‘Governator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger is gearing up to butt heads with North America’s Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

BMW considering a stand alone 'green' brand

TUE, 22 JAN, 2008

It would seem that BMW may be struggling to work out what people really want.

CAFE kills next Monaro and GTO

MON, 21 JAN, 2008

At last weeks Detroit Auto Show, Bob Lutz put the kibosh on any chance of their being a Pontiac Sportwagon based on Holden’s upcoming VE Commodo...

Saturn Vue hybrid may be the first production lithium-ion plug-in

TUE, 15 JAN, 2008

Just yesterday, Toyota’s CEO Katsuaki Watanabe gave us an indication as to the future green initiative underway at Toyota and it includes the on...

Toyota outline bold eco-plans to meet 2020 CAFE standards early

MON, 14 JAN, 2008

In a speech made earlier this week, Toyota Motor CEO Katsuaki Watanabe has laid down the eco-friendly gauntlet by outlining a number of bold plans...




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