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GM Shelves Plans For Big Cadillac Flagship: Report

General Motors’ plan to build an ultra-luxurious flagship sedan for its Cadillac division has reportedly been put on hold, indefinitely.

GM Omega Platform To Underpin Future Big RWD Cadillacs: Report

General Motors is reportedly developing a new rear-wheel drive platform to underpin future large Cadillac models, known as Omega. Following ...

Cadillac Ciel Headed For Production: Report

With every new concept must come reports of a production future, and Cadillac's low-riding Ciel convertible is no exception.

Cadillac Ciel Concept Debuts At Pebble Beach

Six years ago, Holden took the popular FJ-based hot rod concept and turned it on its head, revealing the cartoonish and astonishing Efijy at the...

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