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Zinoro 'Concept Next' Advances China’s BMW-Brilliance Partnership

This week’s Shanghai Auto Show has brought more than a few SUV-related unveilings, and here’s another: the Zinoro Concept Next.

BMW And Brilliance Reveal Zinoro Brand For China

Ten years after forming a joint venture with Chinese manufacturer Brilliance, BMW has unveiled a new ‘Zinoro’ brand for the Chinese market.

Brillance BS4 EuroNCAP Tests A Dismal Failure

Under the system’s new testing guidelines, Chinese manufacturer Brilliance has managed to score a staggering zero points with its BS4 sedan duri...

Hennessey set to produce a Veyron slayer

Hennessey is not a company well known in Australia but their reputation in the States is well known by car enthusiasts.

Edo Competition work their magic on the Ferrari 599 GTB

Exotic machinery often ends up butchered at the hands of the worlds various tuner firms.

Prodrive develop upgrade kits for WRX and STi

The folks over at Prodrive have been busy putting their Group N and Rally experience to good use and have cobbled together a couple of go-faster k...

Brilliance achieves 3 star Euro NCAP no BS

If you think that China's fledgling car industry doesn't have what it takes to be a force to be reckoned with...think again.

Gallery2015 Zinoro Concept Next - Shanghai

Gallery2013 Zinoro 1E - China


Crashtest Brilliance BS 4

Crashtest Brilliance BS 4 POSTED FRI, 27 MAR, 2009

0-220 mph in 24.1 sec. Hennessey

0-220 mph in 24.1 sec. Hennessey POSTED TUE, 20 NOV, 2007