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Bosch e-Axle - New Off-The-Shelf Electric Motor Coming From 2019

Parts giant Bosch is looking to further consolidate its reach in the automotive world with a new bolt-in, one-size-fits-all electric motor.

Bosch Targeted In Fresh Diesel Emissions Inquiry

Parts and technology giant Bosch has found itself caught in the web of another diesel emissions inquiry, this time in the US.

Daimler And Bosch Team Up On Autonomous Cars

Bosch is the granddaddy when it comes to many important safety innovations in the motoring world, so it’s no surprise carmakers are lining up...

Fiat Chrysler Faces North American Probe on Exhaust Emissions

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) is to be investigated by the U.S.

Australian-Developed Autonomous (Self-Driving) Car On The Road

Australia could lead the world in development of autonomous (self-driving) cars following the lead of a Tesla Model S developed in Victoria by Germ...

Volkswagen Dieselgate Emissions Scandal - Bosch Under Investigation

As the investigation into the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal continues, it seems inevitable that the tentacles of law-enforc...

Bosch Australia Boss Calls For Autonomous Technology To Be Fast-Tracked

On the eve of a Driverless Vehicle Conference in Adelaide, Bosch Australia boss Gavin Smith has called for the technology to be fast-tracked.

VW Dieselgate Deepens - Reports Bosch Warning Ignored

According to reports in the German press, Volkswagen deliberately ignored warnings from German parts maker Bosch in 2007 that the company should no...

Volvo Bringing Autonomous XC90 To Australia, Testing In Adelaide

Volvo has announced it will bring a self-driven car to Australia later this year for a first-ever test of the technology on Australian roads.

Volkswagen V-Charge: Autonomous Parking, Wireless EV Charging - Video

Volkswagen has revealed details of a futuristic carpark that sees cars parking and recharging themselves (if required) upon settling into a space.

Electronic Stability Control Clocks Up 20 Years

It’s not often we celebrate the anniversary of automotive inventions - cup holders or fluffy dice for example - but few have had the impact o...

Bosch Previews The Autonomous Driving User Experience: Video

Bosch has showcased its vision of autonomous driving, with a video depicting a typical trip to the airport in the not-too-distant future.  ...

Kia Cee’d GT Line, Picanto And New 1.0 Litre Engine To Debut In Geneva

Kia is gearing up for next week’s Geneva Motor Show, preparing to unveil new models, a new concept and a new engine at the event.

Europe: Electronic Stability Control Now Mandatory In All New Cars And LCVs

Electronic stability control (ESC) is now mandatory in all vehicles under 3.5 tonnes sold within Europe.

University Of Michigan Establishes Test Centre For Connected Cars

The University of Michigan will combine with a variety of interested parties to build a US$6.4 million “simulated urban environment”, s...

Bosch eClutch: Fuel Savings, Hybrid-Compatible, And No More Stalling

Bosch has developed a new electronic clutch system that it hopes will change the way motorists experience the traditional manual transmission.

Bosch Launches New ESP 9 System For Performance, Prestige Cars

Bosch, the German company responsible for more than a few safety advancements over the years, has unveiled a new and more powerful 'ESP 9...

Daimler And BMW Team Up To Extend Application Of Anti-Collision Radar

GERMAN AUTOMAKERS BMW and Daimler have teamed up with Bosch, Continental and Infineon Technologies to form an alliance aimed at increasing the use...

Robert Bosch To Axe 170 Jobs In Melbourne

The impact of the global financial crisis continues to take its toll in the automotive arena, with the announcement today that Melbourne-based Rob...

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Bosch Previews The Autonomous Driving User Experience

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